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Ricocheting between the keyboard and the pen as her sword, Cally loves to write and read in all forms. She comes armed with the oldest Literature collection in her bookshelf and hottest social content on her iPad.

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DI: ICT4D Tools and Experiences From Around the World

If you have yet to hear about ICT4D, it stands for Information and Communication Technologies for Development, or the exploration of technology for the fields of societal/humanitarian development. Development Innovations will be hosting a session with their fellows to share more about this tech genre and relate the experiences from around the world this Thursday.


Transform iPhone Photos Into 3D Videos With Matter

It is a common sight for iPhone photography to document our everyday moments, but there are times when the filters on Instagram just don’t bring out the impact of your photographs enough. Introducing Matter, giving users 3D effects with realistic shadows, reflections and even videos!


Trending Teens: Digital Statistics Cambodia 2014

What’s trending with Cambodian youth these days? Rounding up over 200 students across Phnom Penh’s universities with a tailored survey to highlight over 51.5% youth interaction with brands on social media platforms, we are standing our ground with a brand new infographic.


DI: Learn About Malaria Day 3 Surveillance

While Phnom Penh may be the city, there is no reason not to take extra precaution and learn more about Malaria Day 3 Surveillance, a mobile app initiative by the Control and Prevention of Malaria (CAP-M) project in conjunction with USAID Control. Development Innovations will be hosting an introductory session with regional M&E assistant KongMeng Seak this Friday for all to understand both the disease and app further.


Gadget Review: Going All The Way With GOKey

The GOKey has many names for what it does: Charger. Cable. Locator. Memory. Keyring. Essentially one of the most feature-loaded smart gadgets around, it boosts your phone battery, acts as a charging/syncing cable, stores your data, locates your keys and finds your phone.

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