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Other than keeping up with her favourite television shows and writing, Andrea finds joy in scrolling through different social media platforms and is constantly updated of happenings on the go! Posting, liking, sharing - she is there!

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Everjobs – Online Career Portal Launched in Cambodia Now in Khmer

Remember Everjobs? Cambodia’s fastest growing career portal that has already commenced operation in 7 other countries – Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cameroom, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ivory Coast, and Senegal, has now launched the platform in Khmer, making it easier for the Cambodian population to access a wide-range of job opportunities.


Increasing Demand for Smartphones in South-East Asia

Nearly 40 million smartphones have been sold across South-East Asia with a 9% increase in sales volume just within the first half of the year. Amongst the region’s key markets, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines proved to be the top 3 fastest growing markets with 27%, 13% and 10% growth respectively. And, the top 3 biggest smartphone markets were Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam with 14.9 million, 6.6 million and 6.0 million respectively.


Spikes Asia 2015: Celebrating Asia Pacific’s Most Creative Works

This year, Geeks in Cambodia had the chance to visit Spikes Asia; which was held at Suntec City, Singapore, from the 9th to 11th of September. The Asia Pacific Festival of Creativity featured speakers from big name global industry creatives such as Matt Eastwood from J. Walter Thompson, as well as a diverse range of speakers from varied creative industries, along with many exciting exhibitions and screenings.


Getting Connected: Smart Office Gadgets

While smart homes are a common popular trend, why not have a smart office as well considering the amount of time we spend working in the office? In our fifth installment of our ‘Getting Connected’ series, we will take a look at four amazing, quirky home-based gadgets to smarten up your workplace!
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