Asva The Monkey : A mobile game made in Cambodia

As we recently explained, mobile expansion in Cambodia has increased remarkably lately. With more than 3,5 millions people using 3G subscribtions in the country, mobile games have also become extremely popular, which is a good reason for us to have a closer look at the local mobile gaming industry.

Today, our team decided to introduce “Asva The Monkey”, a mobile game made in Cambodia, developed by Ear Uy and his team at Osja, a cambodian game development studio whom we had the pleasure to meet this week.

Asva The Monkey is a logical puzzle game available on both IOS and Android devices, to be downloaded from App store or Google Play.

The game features 3 gameplay modes : story – endless – survival

Asva the monkey

Throughout the story gameplay mode, you can discover Asva’s story, sometimes taking place in cambodian landscapes :

Asva the monkey

You have access to different worlds, with several levels in each of them. In total you can play with more than 90 levels:

Asva the monkey

On each level the rule remains basically the same : you have to reach the end of the way to collect the crystal, you can move ahead, left and right, but you can’t move backwards :

Asva the monkey

On each level you also collect items and gather points and bonuses. If you wish to collect the crystal without falling into the hole, you have to make sure to previously jumped on every tile of the level :

Asva the monkey

If you wish, you can also get more items from the shop :

Asva the monkey

In the endless mode, you can play with 5 lives, in the survival mode, you get only one life to spend.

Released only 6 months ago, the game has already been downloaded more than 130 000 times. Players mostly come from Cambodia, but the game is also played in Brazil, US and China.

So far, the game is available in english, but a project is in process to give access to Asva the monkey in khmer language also.

If you love Asva’s story and universe, then stay tuned as the studio is currently working on a new upcoming game featuring Asva the monkey, with a new gameplay, to be released in the next few months…

At Geeks in Cambodia, we’ve been playing for hours, challenging each other scores, and we must admit we’re already addicted ! At some point it sometimes reminds us a bit of the Angry birds experience, in the way you get eager to enter new worlds with a particular universe, and in the way that the character ends up being so familiar to us, like an old friend :)

If you want to give a try you can download the game from here for IOS, and from here for Android.

If you wish to get more tips on the game and join the community, you can find Asva the monkey on Facebook here.