Asia Agricultural Innovation Summit Hits Cambodia

On 27 September, an intense full day conference to discuss and improve the Cambodian agricultural scene will take place at the InterContinental Phnom Penh.

The summit, organised by Winrock International, will bring together social entrepreneurs, researchers, government experts, farmers and fishermen from 15 countries all across Asia. Together, they will kick off a five-year initiative to promote agricultural technologies all across the region.

If you’re someone who is interested in contributing to the future of agriculture across Asia, this summit is just for you!

Jointly organised with the Feed the Future Asia Innovative Farmers activity, the summit offers unmatched networking opportunities for its participants. Youth entrepreneurs, ICT experts and business leaders with an interest in the agricultural scene will all be in attendance at the event.

The summit is your chance to learn about cutting edge agricultural technology and innovations from people in the industry. This technology includes items like low-cost sensors, applied data, solar powered irrigation and pest exclusion nets.

It’ll also be your opportunity to network with like-minded people and meet up with those who have skills complimentary to yours, so that you can work together to bring your idea one step closer to fruition.

The event will also feature talks from Cambodia’s youth entrepreneurs in agriculture like Hur Thinearng, General Manager of Agrochemical and Drip Irrigation, Angkor Green Investment and Development, as well as Chanthy Leang, the leader of the Rat Hunter project, which won the SEA Makerthon Phnom Penh edition this year.

Additionally, attendees will also get to listen to an on-the-ground perspective as time has been set aside for farmers to share their thoughts and express their opinions. This will be an extremely valuable time if you are in the industry as you will get a perspective from the grounds and gain a better understanding of what exactly is needed.

But it won’t just be talks all through the summit. In fact, you’ll get a chance to share your ideas and communicate with industry experts as there will be panel sessions as well.

These sessions will be moderated by representatives from USAID Cambodia and will revolve around the topics of learning from the success of Cambodia’s neighbors in agricultural technology(AgTech) and hearing about the ability to commercialise AgTech.

On top of this, you could also have a chance at making a mark in the AgTech scene in the future by taking part in the breakout sessions. These sessions will discuss the possibility of forming an Agricultural Innovation Council in Cambodia to connect those in Cambodia to a regional network of like-minded stakeholders.

Finally, the day will end with a session discussing the next steps to take in improving Cambodia’s agricultural scene.

With such an action packed day lined up at the Summit, if you’re interested in the agricultural scene and have ideas to contribute, sign up now at Registration is free!