ASEAN-U.S. Science and Technology Fellowship – Open for All

A wave to scientists in ASEAN countries! Especially those working in areas of sustainable energy, climate change and climate variability or science, technology and innovation policy. Here’s a fellowship specially catered for you should you want to further your professional development and bring science into policy-making.

The ASEAN-U.S. Science & Technology (S&T) Fellowship aims to strengthen science-based policymaking throughout targeted national government ministries, empower and build the capacity of scientists in ASEAN to take a bigger role in their own countries.

Albeit, applicants with a Ph.D are strongly encouraged and preferred, applicants must have minimum a Master’s degree to be considered. Since most Fellows will be at the Ph.D level, candidates with a Master’s must have at least five years of professional experience. The Fellowship is also aimed at early career scientists, so applicants should be less than 45 years of age as of February 21, 2016. Women and ethnic minorities are strongly welcomed and encouraged to apply!

After submitting your applications, they will then be evaluated according to your scientific and/or technical background and professional accomplishments, leadership and/or potential for leadership, communication, interpersonal and outreach skills and commitment to the three main goals of the Fellowship.

The Fellowship promises an enriching experience with hands-on experience, expansion of networks, build knowledge and an opportunity for career advancement.

Do you already feel the bubbles forming in your test-tube? Find out more and register here: