Apple’s new releases

Yesterday, Apple announced their latest releases during their press conference.

All the Tech addicts around here will be very pleased to discover a bunch of new cool stuff !

Indeed, amongst the hardware, software, and services presented at WWDC, here is a summary of what Apple unveiled yesterday :

We already talked about the Apple iRadio (or iTunes Radio) project one month ago, and it is now officially launched. As explained earlier, this service will provide streaming features, along with radio stations suggested from music most listened. This service is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV.

apple iradio

Also, as expected, some informations came through about upcoming IOS7. Available from next fall, the OS comes with a new design, described as “simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable, but still feel instantly familiar“.

apple ios7

New features are also on their way, such as control center, Airdrop for IOS, and smarter multitasking.

ios7 features

The unveiled MacPro, a revolutionary workstation with high performances, particularly caught our eye. Faster and more efficient, it comes with a new generation processor and a stronger memory capacity. The performances in regards to storage and graphics are also amazing, as well as all related features announced to come along with the new MacPro. We will have to be patient as it will only be available later this year.

apple macpro

Coming this fall also, the new Apple OS is called Mavericks (name picked out a of a beach in California). It will feature some major enhancements such as multiple displays, tags and built-in map system application. This OS strength also lies in its energy saving capacity, allowing the battery to last longer.

apple maverick

Many more informations were also revealed yesterday, such as new Macbook Air, iWork for iCloud and Airport Extreme. You can learn more from yesterday’s Apple Keynote and also watch the video here.