Apple Keynote Summary

Latest Apple Keynote took place few days ago on On october 22nd, and was the occasion to announce new products featuring new performances :

Ipad Air

ipad air43% thinner bezel (7.5mm compared to the old 9.4mm)

weighs : one pound (the previous iPad was 1.4 pounds)

A7 chip which just launched with the iPhone 5S

64-bit desktop-class architecture

2x faster CPU

2x graphics performance

72 times faster graphics than original iPad.

Faster WiFi : MIMO technology give the new iPad multiple antennas for wireless speeds up to 300Mbps

Expanded LTE support

5 megapixel iSight camera

1080p HD videos

Dual microphones

10-hour battery life


Ipad mini with Retina display

ipad miniRetina display

A7 chip, 64-bit chip


Expanded LTE support

5MP camera

10-hour battery life

OSX Mavericks

Apple annouces Mavericks OS to be free, even if your device currently runs on an older version of OSX. “Even if you bought a Mac in 2007,” as Apple said.

Mac Book Pro 

mac book pro

Even faster than the last Mac Book Pro

Runs on Mavericks

13-inch Pro : retina display, 2.4 GHz i5, 4GB RAM

Mac Pro

apple macpro

Described by Apple as “The future of the pro desktop.”

Xeon processor, the “fastest processor ever in a Mac.”

Up to 64GB of memory

Dual-Workstation GPUs

AMD FirePro graphics

Supports up to three 4K displays

A motion controller illuminates the IO ports on the back for when you’re plugging things into the system