Announcing Digital Strategies for Development Summit 2014

We cannot deny that we are living in one of the fastest technological advancement epochs for our generation. Digital technology and its various uses have become extensive and expansive, and we see it being used for every purpose imaginable. The power of social media and mobile platforms have been constantly highlighted in the recent years to create a pioneering direction into the greater digital front, and as a whole, technology becomes a tangible social enabler.

That being said, we now face the need to practice greater rationalizing when improving the real benefits and impact of digital technology decisions globally. Digital Strategies for Development Summit 2014 is first among a series of interventions over the next three years to ensure a better collaboration and cooperation amongst various stakeholders to gain more momentum for their core mandates by leveraging the use of digital technology enabled solutions. The event product of a highly capable multi-stakeholder consortium, DSDS 2014 will be held at the Asian Institute of Management, Makati City (Philippines) on 2 and 3 October 2014.

The conference will see over 300 participants and 30 speakers from various countries and organizations to discuss debate and develop new ideas and solutions on how to better leverage digital technologies for Philippines and the ASEAN region. This will include development opportunities, future innovations and strategies; and it will address the myriad of issues associated with the digital sector, such as intelligence and security, governance, and its durability. The structure will be a mixture of several plenary and panel discussions, as well as three breakout streams, to ensure that the discussions fully involve the attendees. Embodying more than just a series of talks, the Summit will also serve as a venue to show the most prominent technological solutions successfully adopted by various development advocates.

In a nutshell, here are some of the current conference objectives:

  • Acknowledge the importance of creating relevant strategies for development and to use these tools for the good of the people.
  • Bring together a diverse set of stakeholders to debate, discuss, and deliver solutions related to technological strategies and development.
  • Explore new media, its enabling conduits, and technology as a catalyst for inclusive growth.
  • Create a point of convergence amongst stakeholders on crosscutting themes.
  • Make the conference a starting point for a series of interventions over the coming years.

DSDS 2014 presents a unique opportunity for the region to come together and streamline resources into the digital demands of the moment. With speakers including Juan Miguel Luz, the Dean of AIM Stephen Zuellig Graduate School of Development; and Sreenivas Naranayan, the Managing Director of Asia Society for Social Improvement & Sustainable Transformation (Philippines); it will be the event where pivotal insights will be shared and absorbed by the attendees. For more information about the event agenda, speakers and topics, do access their official website here!