AngkorHub: Giving Siem Reap A Co-Working Space & Coffee

Barely a month into AngkorHub’s opening in April, and startups are already buying long terms plans to conquer the conference room and coffee in Siem Reap’s newest co-working space. It could be because of its convenient location above the Canadia Bank building or the international assurance of resources (air-conditioning, Internet, water), but we really think that it’s due to the founder, Jeff’s, charm.

AngkorHub's Jeff / Photo Credits: AngkorHub

We had the opportunity to catch up with him earlier, and found out that AngkorHub was originally a digital nomad’s daydream. He explained that it all started with a cold drink, a laptop and the beach. “I went on to Siem Reap to make that dream a reality,” Jeff continued, “And now I am on my way to creating a social innovation center.” Currently, only the co-working spaces are available, but he ensured that a startup incubator would be on its way sometime around July. “I want to create a solid program with the complete resources, like the mentoring, clients, everything,” he said.

There are three different price plans available for AngkorHub, starting from $15, and Jeff promised that you would get more than what you paid for. Imagine coming into a room full of like-minded people discussing and sharing ideas, and only to find out that you are sitting next to a CEO. That was what happened to Jeff when he was in a co-working office back in Nice, France, and found himself talking to a private jet company owner. That is the reason why he encourages conversations in AngkorHub as “co-working spaces can help everyone because [everyone has] the same vision of doing good using a different way and different method.”

Is Siem Reap a good place to launch a startup despite its strong tourism pull? Definitely. “I think Siem Reap is a good city. There are a lot of NGOs, digital nomads, and even interested tourists who need a place to work. Travellers want to know more about what Siem Reap has to offer, and I want to provide this place for all that brainstorming,” Jeff answered while keeping an eye on the door. AngkorHub starts its business at 8am sharp, and Jeff was ready for all the ideas that would flow through the door.

An interesting tidbit that he shared with us was that in a recent survey that he did for AngkorHub, he found out that 100% survey results revealed that people were willing to exchange ideas and do mentorship in exchange for free use of the digital workspace. That would not only help the startups coming into AngkorHub, but also the mentors themselves.

When we asked him if he had any last advice for startups in the scene, he paused with all the insights of having 16 years in the IT field. “Ideas need to be communicated because if we don’t, the ideas die with us. An idea has no value until people know it. You need to work around it because ideas are born to be shared, and a co-working space will allow people to do that,” Jeff said, “Yell your idea to everyone and make things happen; and I am just trying to provide a room and a space for that.”

AngkorHub: Coworking in Siem Reap can be located at Canadia Level 5, Sivatha Boulevard Siem Reap, from 8am to 10pm. You can also contact them at +855887068879 or +855978490251. Click here to see a map!