An update for Twitter App on Windows Phone

Early last week, Twitter announced an update for their Android app integrating Vine and some other features.

It is now Windows Phone’s turn to experience an update on its Twitter app.

This new update features the integration of Vine as well, but also some new stuff, such as photos filters, and direct tweeting from the camera. Bug corrections and browsing improvements also come along with this new update.

What is interesting is also that, so far, Instagram mobile app is not  available for Windows Phones, and with this new filters function, Windows Phone’s Twitter app could actually cover the same use.

Coincidence or not, rumors say some Instagram app could be released on Windows Phone next June 26th…

As the new features provided by Twitter app for Windows Phone could be threatening for Instagram, that would actually be a smart move if they could finally offer a version for all the Windows users who have been expecting it for a long time !