Alternative Mobile Apps Markets Made in Asia

In terms of mobile apps market, we usually tend to think straight about the app store by Apple or the Google play store.

But various alternative markets have developed their own businesses, sometimes providing the same kind of apps, or on the contrary focusing on specific ones, such as games for instance, trying to reach developers who’d like to see their app also distributed through other platforms than the regular ones.

We recently met Jay, from the Mobile9 team in Singapore, and she took the time to introduce their platform to us. This malaysian startup launched their own apps market, which offers access to both IOS and Android mobile apps. Mobile9 store focuses on mobile gaming and fun apps, providing to their users a wide range of games, along with ringtones, wallpapers, themes and many more… All of them to be downloaded for free (and the choice is large as there are tons of apps available on the store…).


To be able to use the platform, you can login thanks to the open graph registration (either Facebook or Twitter). So far, millions of users are already using the platform. Mobile9 app store also gives access to social features, not reducing its services to only downloading apps. But more than the platform itself, the startup went even further, with the launch of its social recommendations service called JazzMyApp.


Called itself the “Pinterest for mobile applications”, JazzMyApp allows users to easily share and highlight the mobile apps they like. Amongst the huge number of apps available, this startup found a way to push users to help other ones to discover trendy apps. In this way, the JazzMyApp platform highlights the most shared mobile apps (users can install a button straight to their browser so that they can “Jazz” easily and quickly). So far more than 35 000 apps have been Jazzed ! Here is a video to understand better how it works :

It clearly appears that the business of alternative mobile apps market can grow and bring undeniable value to their founders, which might be one of the reason why chinese builder Xiaomi recently called for developers to join its new apps market. The call was announced on their Facebook Fan Page :

xiaomi market

As they promote the potential bright future of their market, claiming to be the fastest growing app market in China, Xiaomi invite all developers to submit their app right away. At some point, those alternative markets can be useful to developers whose apps did not meet the criterias to be granted to the App Store. But it can also be a good way to spread the word as much as possible about an app, even though this one might also be available on other regular markets. So basically, if you wish to give a try, if you’re interested : you can drop a line at hubo(at) or michelle.cheung(at) in order to submit your app.

If you have launched your own app through one of these alternative markets (or other ones), we’d be highly interested in getting some feedbacks !