A streaming music service by Google

Google unveiled yesterday its new service Google Play Music All Access, allowing to stream music online.

We recently talked about Apple iRadio project, aiming to provide the same kind of features as this new Google service.

Google’s music service offers a range of possibilities : from discovering new artists by browsing heaps of music tracks, to buying music and sharing it with contacts on Google+. It also allows to store songs for free in an online library, which can be accessed on the web, or  on Android devices ; it also gives the possibility to create radios from a song or an artist, and features some recommendation system (reminding a part of Spotify’s services).

google music play

google music play

Google claims to provide with this new project “no more syncing and no more wires”, an easier way to stream, buy and share music.

By offering unlimited access to users for 9,99 $ / month (with a special offer of 7,99 $ / month for people registering before june 30th, and a free 30 days trial period), Google directly challenges services like Spotify or Pandora, as well as Apple’s iRadio project at the same time. Some specific features have been announced during yesterday conference, such as voice-activated search and mapping functions.

This service is currently available for US users only, but will be developed and expanded to other countries soon.