A report on telecommunications in Cambodia

A recent market study from Business Monitor International revealed some datas and informations in regards to telecommunications in Cambodia, which was ranked 17th in Business Monitor International’s latest Asia Pacific Telecoms risk/reward ratings.

This study informs that Cambodia has a well developed mobile sector, with pre-paid subscriptions dominating the market. Mobile operators number has grown significantly in the last few years, taking precedence over landlines, although fixed-lines are expected to experience a growth at least until 2017.

Also, as mobile operators are developing access and subscriptions in rural areas, and as mobile broadband products and services are considered to be available at low cost in the country, the amount of mobile registrations in Cambodia tends to keep rising more and more. Prepaid subscriptions are indeed expected  to drive mobile penetration rates in Cambodia to 185% in 2013.

For the record, Cambodia counts today around 5 millions mobile registered users, and 3,5 millions 3G users.

The report mainly focuses on mobile and fixed-lines perspectives, seeing in those fields a key trend in Cambodian’s economy, which has been announced to have expanded by 7,3 % in 2012.