A Portable Solar Battery for iPhone

Although we’re currently entering the rainy season here in Phnom Penh, it is still obvious that Cambodia is a sunny country ! And if like us you also get grumpy when it’s time to pay the electricity bill, what about charging your phone for free thanks to the sun ?

As you may assume, we’re talking about a solar battery…

solar battery

This one can actually be used to recharge your iPhone or iPad, but other types of solar charger also exist for other kind of devices. This solar battery for iPhone is palm-sized and easy to use, it gets its own energy resource from its exposure to the sun. Then, once plugged, the energy stored from the battery is transfered to the iPhone.

With a weight of 40g, this charger can be used up to 500 times (it’s chargeable either from AC adapter or from solar energy), providing a charge of around 40 minutes talk.

solar battery

Stay tuned for more gadgets to be coming soon…