A focus on cloud services

At Geeks in Cambodia, we use Cloud services everyday, in different kind of ways (Dropbox, Google apps…). Although, we notice very often that many people also use cloud services a lot, without actually knowing what is “Cloud” exactly.

We decided to focus on this issue today, as we recently had the opportunity to spend some time with inspiring cloud experts, in Singapore and in Cambodia.

About cloud technology in Cambodia, we can say that, event though some people use cloud resources everyday, most of the time they are not necessarily familiar with it. When we ask people about cloud systems in Cambodia, we mainly get skeptical answers, based on the fear of being hacked on the one hand (cloud appearing as a place where all datas could be accessed by everyone), and based on the lack of available informations on the other hand.

But as cloud is becoming a strong resource all across the world, some companies know how important it is to inform people about the huge potential of these technologies. That’s what CL&T.A.G is currently trying to implement in Cambodia : informing and educating people on cloud resources. Their project ? “Cambodia 3.0″. In other words, “making Cambodia a leading country in IT, in the next 3 to 5 years, helping building data centers using biomass power facilities inside Cambodia, and providing IT solution services, communication services for Cambodia and neighbor countries“.

CL&T.A.G insists on the fact that nowadays in Cambodia, there are only few existing systems as far as IT sector is concerned. Many Cambodian companies are trying to install complex systems such as cloud ones, but it’s not easy because they need very high tech resources. So that’s how CL&T.A.G company think they can support, by providing general knowledge as well as technical support in implementing those technologies in Cambodia.

So how does CL&T.A.G step in ? Currently, the team collaborates with Cambodian government, aiming at bringing educational resources on cloud. For them, “education is the most important”, in this regard, they already organized a workshop last June 10th , which we had the pleasure to attend. They plan to organize more workshops and events in the future.

cloud services cambodiacloud services cambodia

CL&T.A.G can also support local companies in their cloud development services. For example : helping developing mobile payment, setting datacenters, and more tailored solutions…

So our question was, because so far in Cambodia there are not sufficient resources in cloud services, where can we get relevant and affordable solutions ?

We had the pleasure to meet Signetique company in Singapore recently, and we had the opportunity to discover more about cloud systems over there.

In Singapore, Amazon cloud hosting services are already renown. But lately, few companies have started to provide very competitive services, relying on strong skills in cloud, and very interesting prices. Signetique is one of those companies, providing “fast, simple and logical” cloud solutions. Those three words matter, as many people need cloud resources, without having the knowledge of implementing cloud structures. Signetique offers in this regard cloud servers very simple to handle, with set-up and management made easy.

For people like us, who need to host applications, and to save datas consistently, this kind of service can be a great find. Indeed, as many other companies that we know, we’re not technicians experts in servers, and yet we need efficient solutions, remaining fast and simple in their implementation.

Signetique is specialised in services such as cloud back-ups, cloud web hosting, and general cloud servers. All those services are available for SMEs, in terms of budget and accessibility.

For all Geeks in Cambodia readers interested in Signetique‘s cloud services, the company had the kindness to offer a special deal of 10% discount !

If you have any question about cloud systems, and wish to benefit from CL&T.A.G or Signetique’s expertise, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

A warm thank you to Akagi and Douglas for the time they spent explaining everything about cloud !