5 Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers

‘This the season where hundreds of thousands of Christmas gift lists surface on the World Wide Web. People scour through these lists to find ideas and inspiration, and Geeks In Cambodia is here to deliver this year’s top gifts for all techies! Warning: You might end up getting a couple for yourself instead…

For The Creator

3D Printing is all the rage, but to realise your dreams of creating may cost you upwards of a thousand dollars. The alternative? A 3D Printing pen! Currently the only one on the market, 3Doodler provides the opportunity to create three-dimensional plastic drawings.

3Doodler (1)

The pen releases warm plastic that will harden within seconds, which allows you to draw upwards or across – in the air. Not the best artist? You can download stencils, trace the designs and join them together with the pen. With so many creation possibilities, it really is like a million gifts in one gift. Well, kinda. Watch how to make a simple man using the 3Doodler:

Get it here.

For The Robot Lovers

Sure, toy robots have been out for ages, ever since the medieval times (by that I really just mean 20 years ago). MiP takes it one step further with GestureSense technology.

MiP (1)

This robot balances on its two wheels, is responsive and has a very immersive personality as well as a free app that provides opportunities for dancing, battling, driving and more. Some of the possibilities with the app are:

MiP (2)

Watch MiP do a trick in the tutorial below:

Anyone from between the ages of 10 to 70 would really appreciate all the fun. Get your robot on here.

For The Hobbyist

Know someone who loves to tinker? You might consider getting the Raspberry Pi B+, latest version of the highly successful microcomputer (Raspberry Pi). This tinkerer’s dream uses extremely little power, can be output to a HD display and runs on free software.

Raspberry Pi B+ (1)

The main difference between the B+ model and the previous B model, would be the two extra USB ports. This allows for additional input methods, making it much more feasible as a microcomputer. Learn how to make a teddy bear take pictures and tweet them using Pi here!

Shop the Raspberry Pi B+.

For The Smart Lover

Know that one person who loves everything “smart”? Smart home, gadgets, furniture and more? They are guaranteed to love littlebits’ Smart Home Kit. This kit has the power to turn any household item into an Internet connected device. Inside, you will find 14 modules (including a synth speaker, MP3 player, temperature sensor and more) to create whatever you want.

littlebits (1)

Build your own wireless lighting, smart fridge, remote pet feeder, laundry done alerts… Watch how the littlebits team makes an SMS doorbell and answering machine:

Fascinating, is it not? Find it here.

For The Fashionista

Perhaps you came here, not looking for tech gifts per se, but as a last resort while gift searching. It might just have been for a female, and you just could not think of anything special enough. To all fashionista techies and ladies, Ringly will be what they dream of.

Ringly (1)

Ringly works simply – It connects to your phone and sends customised notifications through different vibration and light settings. No longer will you have to hold your phone all night to check if your mum called you. Simply set a desired vibration or light pattern, and when it goes off, check your phone. This applies to emails, messages as well as apps (Twitter, Facebook). The Ringly app works for both iOS and Android.

Colours (2)

Ringly comes in 5 stunning colours.

Interested? Look here.

There you have it, our list of 5 top gifts for tech lovers. If you are searching high and low for Christmas gifts, good luck from everyone at Geeks In Cambodia!