2 Geeks in Cambodia

With backpacks, a desire for entertainment and curiosity, geek couple Tamara Lucas and Ivan Fanego have been documenting their travels in their blog, 2geeks1city. With discussions about all things tech, interviews with startups and talks about the Internet, the couple has been exploring digital disruption through the eyes of Asia.

Not to be mistaken for a travel blog, 2geeks1city provides interviews with industry players, news and interesting links about Asia, and summaries about relevant data from the countries they visit. From places like Hong Kong to Mongolia and Laos, Tamara and Ivan aim to find out about digitization and its place in the changing cultures of the world.

The pair visited Cambodia for three weeks where they met different people from the startup scene. As seen from the video below, the geeks held interviews with us, Osja, Archub, SmallWorld and Angkorhub. Through exploring the startup ecosystem in Cambodia, they strove to understand the role of startups and entrepreneurship in our emerging country.

Apart from learning about the digital, mobile and social population here, the pair also delved into the advantages of setting up a business in Cambodia. They found out about some of the governmental and international support the Cambodian entrepreneurial ecosystem has received, and how we can further expand the startup scene here.

Take a look at the geeks’ Cambodian stop and some of their findings¬†here.